The art and science of publishing: From becoming a peer reviewer to being a guest editor

Liz Beddoe and Carole Adamson

Beginning career academics face the challenge of learning many new skills. That we will know certain arcane things is often taken for granted. One day an email will arrive asking you to anonymously review an article.

You have been chosen because the editor has seen your recent article based on your masters or PhD research. What does it mean to conduct a peer review? What do you do about conflicts of interest? What if it doesn’t cite your own work and should? How much should you write? How can you distinguish minor from major revisions? What does reject and resubmit mean? And a little further on there may be opportunities to put together a team to guest edit an issue of a journal around your research interests. What might be involved in editorial processes?

This workshop was held at the 2015 symposium of ANZSWWER at RMIT in Melbourne 3-4 September.

Our workshop offered provide guidance and encouragement to any participants wanting to know more about these dimensions of academic life. The presenters are frequent peer reviewers and have several different kinds of editorial experiences. You can see the slides here.
ANZSWWER Workshop Adamson & Beddoe 2015

Liz Beddoe is on several editorial boards, is a co-editor of Advances in Social Work and Welfare Education and is a member of the newly formed editorial collective for Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work Review
Carole Adamson is a reviewer for many journals and has edited guest issues of journals, most recently on “Disaster-informed curriculum for social work and welfare education” for Advances in Social Work and Welfare Education

Both Carole and Liz are members of the School of Counselling, Human Services and Social Work in The Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand

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I'm a social work researcher in Aotearoa New Zealand
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